Grading scale

MTG Grade uses, as American references, a scoring system ranging from 1 to 10. The notes are visible on the label above the card. The attribution of a note is done in a collegiate way between experts, it will not be questioned. However, if the buyer thinks that the card has been underestimated, he may request again his examination by the experts of MTG Grade. Fake cards will obviously not be noted.

Grading Scale
10Perfect Perfect centering, never played or moved.
9Mint better centering than 60% – 40%, four sharp corners.
A minor flaw may exist as a result of careful examination (micro-scratch, minor color flaw, etc.)
8Near Mint + better centering than 65% – 35%.
Possible flaws: slight wear on a corner, a scratch on the surface, a color defect or a printing point, etc.
7Near Mint – better centering than 70% – 30%.
Possible flaws: slight wear of some corners, minor scratches, print stains, etc.
6Excellent + better centering than 75% – 25%.
Possible flaws: wear on some corners, obvious asymmetric cut, notch on edges, etc.
5Excellent – better centering than 80% – 20%.
Possible flaws: marked wear of the corners, flaking along the edges, very slight light surface fold, scratches, etc.
4Very Good + better centering than 85% – 15%.
Possible flaws: marked wear of the corners and the surface, a slight tear or surface break may exist.
3Very Good – better centering than 90% – 10%.
Possible flaws: damaged corners, creases in the card, fouling, discoloration, etc.
2Good bad centering.
Possible flaws: many signs of wear, pinholes, imperfections or discolouration of color, scuffing or tearing of the surface, marking with ink or pencil, lack of all or part of the original shine, etc.
1Poor Presence of major defects including tears or missing parts in addition to other classic defects.
The card is modified by professional or amateur painters using hand painting techniques, airbrush or both. Attention, we do not accept offset printing on cards.