Card mailing guide

1. Identify your order

Print out the order summary or simply write down your 5-digit order number on plain paper. You’ll need to include this with your cards, so that we can easily identify your order.

2. Protect your cards

Protect your cards ideally in a sleeve and toploader (adding a little “post it tab” is also always appreciated!).
Put only one card per sleeve / top loader.
Avoid heavy Ultimate Guard-type protective cases, heavy packaging (tin box, metal box, etc.) which are really heavy in the parcel, take up volume and can lead to additional shipping costs.

3. Pack your cards

Do not use scotch tapeEspecially on top loaders or in the immediate vicinity of cards for grouping, the glue left behind could damage them, use elastic bands… If you insist on taping your top loaders, use masking tape, which leaves less residue and is easier to remove. Use bubble wrap to enclose your cards and secure the inside of the parcel. Use layers of cardboard for enveloped orders to stiffen them, but avoid over-wrapping. Insert the order summary sheet or your order number on plain paper.

4. Use a suitable container

You can use an envelope (preferably bubble wrap) for small orders of less than 20 cards, but use a cardboard box for larger orders. If you don’t have a cardboard box, use a thick shoe-box type container. Avoid large cartons or shoeboxes for orders of just a few cards, as the cards can get carried around, generating over-packaging. Seal the envelope or parcel tightly with heavy-duty tape, avoiding the need to open it with a box cutter.