Case & label

The MTG Grade case

Totally transparent, our case highlights the card it protects. Sealed by an ultrasonic press, it is completely watertight, greatly attenuates the impact of UV rays and cannot be opened without breaking. Our box and label are unique models equipped with security features that make counterfeiting virtually impossible. We provide various case models adapted to small cards (carddass type), classic TCG (Pokémon, Magic, …), US Sports (Topps, Upper Deck, …) and a new model adapted to thick cards from 75pt to 180pt.

MTG Grade label

Our label is made of metallized paper with a plastic coating to enhance reflections, and displays the card’s main information (name, edition), status notes (sub-notes or “subgrades”) and general note in a separate space in metallic ink.

We have decided not to put our name or logo on the front panel, so as to leave all the space for this essential information, which is indicated legibly and completely. On the back, a QR code and ID number linked to our database enable you to consult the card’s certificate of authenticity by entering its serial number or scanning the QR code from your smartphone. Additional information such as language, year or card effect/variation is also shown on the back.