We certify Magic The Gathering, Pokémon, Dragon Ball Super, Harry Potter, Babolex, Star Wars, Bakugan, Digimon, Final Fantasy, Lord of The Rings, Turbo Attax (Topps), Match Attax (Topps).

We also grad Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, Sport Cards and stickers, licences Topps, Panini, Upper Deck, Fleer, Skybox, Sage in custom MTG Grade slabs made especially for these cards.

If you have a question about another license that is not listed here, feel free to contact us (we speak English and Spanish) !

A very strict grading scale has been established, it is available here : Gradation. Cards are carefully studied according to a well-defined process and techniques recognized worldwide by certification and gradation experts. All criteria are taken into account : scratches, shocks, loss of color, tasks, centering, etc. The grading scale is independent of the age of the card. Certified cards also means accepting the completely independent and objective evaluation scale of MTG Grade. If you ever want to dispute the grading, it is always possible to unseal it. The client using the services of the provider accepts the grading scale. In case of disagreement with the grading, it can not engage the responsibility of the provider or claim a lack of conformity.

Having a robust protection while remaining aesthetic is our priority. We have designed an effective and tamper-proof protection, the 2 parts of the case are welded together by ultrasonic press in order to get the best out of the card while guaranteeing its authenticity. Our cases are waterproof, shockproof and UV resistant to protect your cards. Our cases are also stackable.

  • The protection is robust and rigid while maintaining maximum transparency
  • Custom made protection designed by MTG Grade, the logo between the label and the card on the front and the MTG Grade name on the back make it unique and make “fake” cases impossible
  • The cover has been designed to highlight the card while keeping a good distance from the edges so as to protect it as much as possible
  • The sealing is done by an ultrasonic press, making the case impossible to open without breaking it. It protects the card from moisture and wear and tear.

We offer international shipping at a decent price, we also offer delivery by hand in Paris and Lille (close to the Belgian border).

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For any question or information please contact us :

  • E-mail : contact@mtggrade.com
  • Form : in the website footer 🙂
  • Messenger : https://www.facebook.com/mtggrade
  • Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/mtggradeoff