Yes ! We certify and grade Pokémon, Magic The Gathering and Dragon Ball Z cards.

A very strict grading scale has been established, it is available here : Gradation. Cards are carefully studied according to a well-defined process and techniques recognized worldwide by certification and gradation experts. All criteria are taken into account : scratches, shocks, loss of color, tasks, centering, etc. The grading scale is independent of the age of the card. Certified cards also means accepting the completely independent and objective evaluation scale of MTG Grade. If you ever want to dispute the grading, it is always possible to unseal it. The client using the services of the provider accepts the grading scale. In case of disagreement with the grading, it can not engage the responsibility of the provider or claim a lack of conformity.

It’s our priority. We have designed an effective and fine protection. It resists to the best possible UV, moisture and scratches. If ever a protection was to be too damaged, we propose to replace it.

  • The material has been chosen for its robustness, transparency and high UV resistance. On this last point, too long exposure to the sun will still have a negative effect on the card.
  • The protection has been designed to fit the shape of the card and to make the most of it. But also to reduce clutter.
  • The seal is unique in the world, patented by MTG Grade, and protects the card against humidity and wear of time. This protection can not open without forcing it. Then it will not be able to close properly with irreversible marks.

In case of non-conforming article, the return of the protections must be done :

  • In their initial conditioning, in perfect condition;
  • accompanied by proof of order;
  • Non used or opened item;

To this address : MTG Grade – Service Clients – 51 rue Fondary – 75015 Paris by a return paper sent by us
For any questions, please contact us (contact@mtggrade.com)

For any question or information please contact us :

  • E-mail : contact@mtggrade.com
  • Form : in the website footer 🙂

MTG Grade – Service Clients – 51 rue Fondary – 75015 FRANCE