Storage Box (42 slots)

MTG Grade Card Case – Security, Style, and Maximum Organization

The ultimate solution for preserving and presenting your engraved cards with our Storage Case. Designed for the discerning collector, this case offers the perfect combination of functionality, protection and elegance.

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Features :

42 slots: With three rows of 14 individual slots, this storage box offers a capacity of 42 slots. Now you can organize your collection methodically, keeping each graded card in a dedicated slot.

Separating foam between each card: The high-density foam between each case ensures optimum protection against rubbing and scratching. Your collection remains impeccable, preserving the value of each graded card.

Code lock: Protect your collection with a code lock. This customizable code lets you keep your graded cards safe, even when you’re on the move.

Sturdy reinforcements at every corner: The box features reinforced corners for exceptional shock and impact resistance.


Safety…and style:

In addition to its shock resistance and code lock, the storage box has a sober, elegant design. Its high-quality finish makes it the perfect choice for passionate collectors who want to combine style and protection.

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