Grading fees

Our prices are simple and transparent, include VAT, insurance and as we consider that our authentication, grading and protection work is the same whether a card is valued at 10 euros or 1000 euros the cost does not depend on the value of your cards. There is a special discount for orders from 20 cards and a bigger discount from 50 cards. If you are a professional feel free to check our dedicated page.

Delay Price per card* Cards
Authentification 7-15 days max
10-15 days max
15-20 days max
10 €
9 €
8 €
1 – 19 cards
20 – 49 cards
50 cards +
Authentification + Grading 7-15 days max
7-15 days max
9-18 days max
12 €
11 €
10 €
1 – 19 cards
20 – 49 cards
50 cards +

* All prices include VAT

Express Service

If you want to have your card(s) certified and graded quickly, an Express Service is available with a commitment to certify, grade and return the cards within a maximum of 3 working days upon receipt of the cards by MTG Grade. The cost of this service is 12Eur. TTC per card, in addition to the basic rate, for example the cost for 3 cards certification + grading in Express will be 72Eur TTC.

The delivery times are given as an indication and can vary according to the number of orders to be processed, the period of the year, … They are not subject to commitment but we do our best to respect them and even ensure that they represent maximum announced delays. Only the Express service is subject to commitment, in case of non respect of the deadline you will be refunded the cost of the service.

The cards are insured for the value declared at the time of the order (compared to the average value) from the moment they are received in our office. Our insurance covers any problem of handling during grading, fire, theft, … The insurance for the return shipment depends on the choice of the buyer when ordering.


You live not too far from Lille or you want to discover our beautiful region and have valuable cards to be graded quickly? The Express Service Same Day has been made for you! You bring your cards to our office in the morning and get them back graded in the afternoon. The fee is 40Eur/card for a maximum of 25 cards. This service is subject to conditions, you must contact us beforehand on contact@mtggrade.com to discuss together about the details and organization.


Customers who have the old case (2018-2021) and want to replace it with the new one can contact us at contact@mtggrade.com. The price is 5Eur/case for MTG Grade customers and 7Eur for “non-customers”.


More informations on shipping and delivery here